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Top Most Popular Websites in The World

Most Popular websites worldwide according to Alexa.

Alexa ranks websites based on a combined measure of page views and unique site users, and creates a list of most popular websites based on this ranking time-averaged over three-month periods.

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List Of Popular Websites

Popular Website Website Links
Google www.google.com
YouTube www.youtube.com
Facebook www.facebook.com
Baidu www.baidu.com
Wikipedia www.wikipedia.org
Yahoo! www.yahoo.com
Google India www.google.co.in
Amazon www.amazon.com
Tencent QQ www.qq.com
Google Japan www.google.co.jp
Windows Live www.live.com
Taobao www.taobao.com
VK www.vk.com
Twitter www.twitter.com
Instagram www.instagram.com
Hao123 www.hao123.com
Sohu www.sohu.com
Sina Corp www.sina.com.cn
Reddit www.reddit.com
Google Germany www.google.de
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com
Tmall www.tmall.com
Yahoo! Japan www.yahoo.co.jp
Sina Weibo www.weibo.com
Google France www.google.fr
360 Safeguard www.360.cn
Google UK www.google.co.uk
Google Russia www.google.ru
Google Brazil www.google.com.br
Yandex www.yandex.ru
eBay www.ebay.com
Bing www.bing.com
MSN www.msn.com
Google Italy www.google.it
Soso.com www.soso.com
t.co www.t.co
WordPress.com www.wordpress.com
Google Spain www.google.es
Microsoft www.microsoft.com
Tumblr www.tumblr.com
AliExpress www.aliexpress.com
Blogspot www.blogspot.com
Netflix www.netflix.com
Amazon Japan www.amazon.co.jp
Odnoklassniki www.ok.ru
Google Hong Kong www.google.com.hk
Stack Overflow www.stackoverflow.com
Google Canada www.google.ca
Google Mexico www.google.com.mx
Imgur www.imgur.com
Pornhub www.pornhub.com
Apple Inc. www.apple.com
Naver www.Naver.com
Mail.ru www.mail.ru
IMDb www.imdb.com
PopAds www.popads.net
Onclickads www.onclickads.net
Microsoft Office www.office.com
Google Korea www.google.co.kr
GitHub www.github.com
Pinterest www.pinterest.com
PayPal www.paypal.com
Tianya Club www.tianya.cn
Google Taiwan www.google.com.tw
Google Turkey www.google.com.tr
Google Australia www.google.com.au
Diply www.diply.com
Amazon Germany www.amazon.de
Google Indonesia www.google.co.id
Microsoft Online Services www.microsoftonline.com
Onclckds www.onclckds.com
Twitch www.twitch.tv
Adobe Systems www.adobe.com
TXXX www.txxx.com
Amazon UK www.amazon.co.uk
Wikia www.wikia.com
CNZZ www.cnzz.com
C?c C?c www.coccoc.com
360 Search www.so.com
xHamster www.xhamster.com
FC2 Portal www.fc2.com
Pixnet www.pixnet.net
Dropbox www.dropbox.com
Google Poland www.google.pl
AdFly www.adf.ly
Zhihu www.zhihu.com
WhatsApp www.whatsapp.com
Google file storage www.googleusercontent.com
Alibaba Group www.alibaba.com
Bonga Cams www.bongacams.com
Ask.com www.ask.com
Google Egypt www.google.com.eg
Google Saudi Arabia www.google.com.sa
Google Thailand www.google.co.th
BBC Online www.bbc.com
China Youth League www.youth.cn
SaveFrom.net www.savefrom.net
Amazon India www.amazon.in
Guangming Daily www.gmw.cn
Google Argentina www.google.com.ar
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